You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

September Day

Vinca likes the heat.

I all but abandoned my gardens during these past weeks. It's just been so hot. I've tried to keep things watered, but that's been about the extent of it. The weeds have taken over!

I decided to get back to things after the boys started back to school this morning. I weeded my new roadside garden (I'm not going into the split pants incident here!). It was full of crabgrass and other assorted junk. I also planted a few more things there: a daylily 'Matisse', a TB iris from Zebra Iris, 'Gazellegant' (bought from their ebay store), and three 'Hidcote' lavender plants (my favorite lavender).

Not much is blooming right now. Just a few rose blooms and the butterfly bushes. I probably should plant more annuals to get through this part of summer. September should bring another big rose bloom and some reblooming daylilies and irises. I wonder is it too late now to feed my roses once more? I must look into that.

A baby Austin rose, 'Christopher Marlowe'.

I'm going to try to take one area a day (or a few days for some) and get everything weeded. I still have roses to plant! I've been waiting for other things that have to done in that planting area first. Isn't that always the way? What I really need to do is update my planting maps (I probably said that last post) to reflect the irises and daylilies I've planted. If I don't, I'll never remember what is what next year.