You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Roses This Morning (Part I)

Apricot Nectar and Jackmanii clematis in Secret Garden.

Martine Guillot on Pond Hill. So huge.

Cl. White Maman Cochet. I love this rose. It's on arbor leading to pond. I love her final stage of flower.

Maman Cochet is on Flower Girl Hill.

p.s. I ordered 2 more roses last night from Ashdown: Cl. Margot Koster and Phyllis Bide, both climbing polyanthas. I'm going to put Margot Koster on my pillar in front garden. I've wanted Phyllis Bide for about 3 years now, but I have no idea where I'm going to put her. I have to stop ordering roses now!!!

Roses This Morning (Part II)

Jude the Obscure in Secret Garden. The fragrance of this rose is incredibile.

Marie Pavie on Flower Girl Hill.

Mrs. R.M. Finch on Flower Girl Hill.

Apricot Nectar in Secret Garden.

Teasing Georgia in Bird Garden (in Secret Garden). Another of my favorites. So gorgeous!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

To Do List

Roses to move:

Perle d'Or
Irene Watts
Rosette Delizy
Bouquet d'Or (have no idea where to put this one)
Franziska Kruger - decided to leave in bird garden and see how it does

Find rose markers and make new ones.

Dig up big, yellow iris and divide.

I really need to divide some daylilies, but I so don't feel like doing it. Maybe later on.

Dig up reblooming purple iris from under holly and move.

Buy compost and Wilt-Pruf.

Dig up mini iris from Chuck and replant not as deep (no bloom).

Plant blue pea vine seeds!

Dig up Golden Thread and junipers from roadside garden.

Plant in roadside garden (carry over color theme from front garden):

Comtesse du Cayla
Yellow Daylily (Happy Returns - something like that)
Purple reblooming iris
Yellow iris
Bulbs - maybe tulips, grape hyacinth
May Night salvia


Hidcote lavender
Other 2 lavenders (forget name)
Spanish lavender
Arborvitae fern (maybe wait until waterfall is finished)
Penstemon(?) in bird garden

Clean up little yellow roses in front and feed.

Pin down some lavender stems with hairpins for propagation.

Feed all roses.

Farmhouse Gardeners:

More stone wall for bird garden. (waiting for order to come in)
Maybe buy another Abe Darby? (sold out)

Spray bermuda grass.

Talk Pat into cutting down maple tree in front. Ha! Could plant another river birch in its place! This is very good idea! Really!

An Idea!

Just thought about this after reading antique rose forum on gardenweb:

Maybe put Frances Dubreuil in a pot and plant something in ground in its place, like Franziska Kruger or Rosette Delizy? Or maybe plant Christopher Marlowe there - helpmefind says it only gets 35" high. Would add lots of color there.

What about idea of expanding front garden to other side of sidewalk? Maybe even all the way down from new roadside garden area to sidewalk. Then I could plant more Austins there. Have to ask Pat about it. If he'd cut down that maple tree, I could have my morning sun there. I'm a tree lover, but that maple is just in bad place for me there.

All these planting decisions are starting to overwhelm me. That's why I'm still sitting here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Out Of Shape!

I am back in after some weeding on Flower Girl Hill garden. I really don't have names to be uppity. It's just easier to talk about and keep notes on the different garden areas if I call them something. Plus it's fun for them to have names! I'm not very original with it though. Anyway, I also dug up a daylily to move so I can move the polyantha rose 'Perle d'Or'. I don't know how much you can tell in the photo, but it's at the bottom right. I planted it at so the wrong place! It's growing out over the steps and is so hard to walk by now. I'm moving it over to the left, behind the flower girl statue. Not sure if I can dig it up by myself, but I'm gonna give it my best shot. I am exhausted already from just the digging I've done already. I used to could do this ALL day long!

In other good news, Pat called a pond landscaping place, and they do building from scratch, rehabilitating, everything. The guy said he could help Pat finish the waterfall and put in biological filter at top. He's coming out next week to give an estimate. I'm so excited! I can't wait for the pond to be all beautiful again. I want to see my fish better!

Man, I am worn out. I think I need to start taking vitamins.

Rose Wish List

As of 6-5-05:


Raymond Privat - polyantha (Vintage Gardens)
Sunshine (Robichon 1927) - polyantha (Vintage Gardens or The Uncommon Rose)
Polly Sunshine - polyantha (The Uncommon Rose)
Topaz - polyantha (Vintage Gardens)
LĂ©onie Lamesch (RU)
Excellenz von Schubert -cl. polyantha

Portlandia (Heirloom Roses)

Phyllis Bide - climbing polyantha - ordered from Ashdown

Jaune Desprez - noisette

Thomasville Old Gold - tea (Vintage Gardens)

Midnight Blue

Paul Barden Roses @ The Uncommon Rose:

Marianne - hybrid gallica from Paul Barden. on list when available from The Uncommon Rose

Alliance Franco-Russe - yellow tea

Archduke Joseph - tea (is this Mons. Tillier?)

Belle de Crecy

Amazone - yellow tea

General Gallieni

Duchesse de Barbant

Emanuel Penrose ?

Buff Beauty - have wanted for years

Fragrant Masterpiece ?

Ducher - white china




Madame Pierre Oger or La Reine Victoria (bourbons)


English Garden
Carding Mill
Ambridge Rose
Happy Child
Malvern Hills
Mary Magdalene
St. Alba

Just looking at new David Austin roses introduced at Chelsea Flower Show.
I want this one! Where does it all end?

Lady Emma Hamilton
(image from

Will finish later when I can find rest of my list!

My Rose List

ROSE LIST (updated 6/23/05)

Pat Austin x 3 (1-Lowes 2-Farmhouse Gardeners)
Lilian Austin
Tamora (Wayside)
Teasing Georgia
Graham Thomas (Farmhouse Gardeners)
L.D. Braithwaite
Fair Bianca
Molineux x 2
Jude the Obscure
Crown Princess Margareta (J&P)
Christopher Marlowe (J&P)
Golden Celebration (J&P)
Gertrude Jekyll (Lowes)

Cl. Souvenir de la Malmaison (Farmhouse Gardeners)
Souvenir de la Malmaison (Lowes)

Cramoisi Superieur
Martha Gonzales (Lowes) x 2
Mutabilis (ARE via Wing Haven)
Comtesse du Cayla (Roses Unlimited)
Mme. Laurette Messimy (Roses Unlimited)
Eugene de Beauharnais (Roses Unlimited)

Apricot Nectar (Ashdown)
Nearly Wild x 6 (Home Depot)
Easy Going
Livin' Easy
Irene Watts (Almost Heaven)

Precious Dream

Cardinal de Richelieu (Ashdown)
Marianne (The Uncommon Rose)

Cornelia (Almost Heaven)
Bouquet Parfait (Ashdown)
Buff Beauty (ebay)

Reine des Violettes (Ashdown)

Small Miracle (Lowes)

Marechal Niel (Ashdown)
Duchesse d'Auerstadt
William Allen Richardson
Bouquet d'Or
Celine Forestier (Vintage Gardens)
Crepuscule (Vintage Gardens)
Reve d'Or (Ashdown)

Mrs. R.M. Finch (Antique Rose Emporium via Wing Haven Garden)
The Fairy
The Fairy Standard (Farmhouse Gardeners)
Lovely Fairy
Perle d'Or (ARE via Wing Haven)
Marie Pavie
Phyllis Bide (Ashdown)
Cl. Margo Koster
Borderer (Clark) (Roses Unlimited)
Polly Sunshine (Roses Unlimited)
Sunshine (Vintage Gardens)
Paul Crampel (Vintage Gardens)
Leonie Lamesch (Vintage Gardens)

Veilchenblau (Roses Unlimited)

Martine Guillot (Kmart)
Louise Clements (Heirloom Roses)

Yellow Lady Banks (Lowes)

Maman Cochet
Mons. Tillier
Mrs. B.R. Cant
Clementina Carbonieri (Ashdown)
Blumenschmidt (Ashdown)
Sunset (Ashdown)
Lady Hillingdon (Ashdown)
Mlle. Franziska Kruger
Souv. d'Elise Vardon
The Bride
William R. Smith
Francis Dubreuil (Roses Unlimited)
Mme. Charles
Duchess d'Albe
Baronne Henriette de Snoy (Roses Unlimited)
Rosette Delizy (Roses Unlimited)
Souvenir de Pierre Notting (Roses Unlimited)
Mrs. Dudley Cross (Roses Unlimited)
Tipsy Imperial Concubine (Roses Unlimited)
Triomphe de Luxembourg (Roses Unlimited)
Duchesse de Brabant (Roses Unlimited)
Thomasville Old Gold (Vintage Gardens)
Souvenier de Germaine de St. Pierre (Vintage Gardens)
Second St. Tea (Vintage Gardens)
Sombreuil (Ashdown)
E. Veyrat Hermanos (Roses Unlimited)
Cl. White Maman Cochet (Farmhouse Gardeners)

Vintage Gardens Order

My Vintage Gardens order got here a little bit ago:

Celine Forestier
Comtesse du Cayla

I already have places picked out for these. They are bands though, and instructions say I should pot them up in one gallons for a couple months before they go in the ground. I don't want to do that! Do I have to?

More Roses!

My Austin roses came just now:

Crown Princess Margareta
Golden Celebration
Christopher Marlowe

They are bareroots, so I had to get them in tub of water to soak. They're beautiful and healthy though. So big.

I ordered from J&P, but they're own-root roses and really nice. It's the only place I could find C.P.M, and I had to have it!

One more order to come from Ashdown.

I need to start digging.

p.s. Pat said, "I thought you were just ordering 3 roses?" Uh...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Where To Begin?

I guess I'll just jump in where I am and go back to fill in the blanks later.

I got just a few things planted this morning: The 3 angelonia plants I bought at Farmhouse Gardeners (my favorite annual), the catnip Nick wanted for the cats, and a lemon creeping thyme. I am using creeping thymes as groundcover between roses and perennials on pond hill. I love the way the lemon one smells. Both cats laid down beside the catnip as soon as I planted it! It was cute.

I need to look up the size of my leftover roses and the ones I ordered, and decide where I'm going to plant them all. I have about half figured out, I think. I'm thinking of putting Sombreuil against the house in the back. I can't decide about that.

I definitely need more blue on the hill gardens. Too many pinks and pastels from the roses. They need something to set them off. Maybe I'll check Home Depot or Lowes tomorrow for salvia. Salvia 'May Night' seems very hardy and is good color.

I need to feed all roses and deadhead. I could spend all day deadheading and still not be finished. Mostly I just try to do it as I walk by a rose.

Reine des Violettes

Rose 'Reine des Violettes,' one of my favorites.

I really need to get my roses "leftover" from last year in the ground before all the new ones get here. I actually got one planted this afternoon. The tea 'Tipsy Imperial Concubine.' Isn't that a great name? I used to have the history of it. I'll try to find it again.

So here's what I have left in my leftovers:

Mrs. Dudley Cross
Baroness Henriette Snoy
Souv. de Pierre Notting
Alexander Hill Gray
Bouquet Parfait -not sure if I'm gonna plant
Pink Mislabelled from Ashdown (email Paul with pic)

Wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have 10 more on the way!

p.s. I decided today that anyone who gardens on a hillside (that would be me) is an idiot!

My New Fish!

Meet Pablo II!
(photo from

He's a Shusui koi. We'll be picking him up Saturday if all goes well. Isn't he beautiful?