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Friday, July 8, 2005

So Behind

Waterlily 'Colorado'

I don't know where to begin updating. I've done lots of gardening. I have kept up with most of it in my written journal. I'll just have to try to catch up.

I've acquired more roses.

From Vintage:
Thomasville Old Gold
Souv. de Germain de St. Pierre
Second st. Tea
Paul Crampel
Leonie Lamesch

From Roses Unlimited:
Eugene de Beauharnais
Duchesse de Brabant
Polly Sunshine

And another Christopher Marlowe from J&P.

I finally got Pat to rip out the Golden Thread and rest of juniper from the roadside bed. I replanted with the roses, Comtesse du Cayla and Leonie Lamesch; the daylilies, Strawberry Candy, Happy Returns and Lake Norman Sunset; TB yellow iris; IB purple reblooming iris; May Night salvia. It doesn't look like much yet but hopefully will fill out and look good.

I replanted part of my Secret Garden. The area with the angel statue had a horrible looking Abraham Darby rose that I dug up. I moved a post with birdhouse on top and planted Phyllis Bide to train up it. Also planted two other polyanthas there, Polly Sunshine and Borderer, the china Eugene de Beauharnais, and the gallica Cardinal de Richelieu. I will take photos soon. Oh, here is one of Borderer.
Borderer. Such a sweet, little rose.

Pat got biofilter built for pond. The water has cleared up a little. It's supposed to take 6 to 8 weeks. It's been 2. I can't wait for clear water.

I went daylily shopping at place called Stacked Rock Gardens. Pat was with me, so I didn't go overboard. I bought:
Lake Norman Sunset
Lake Norman Spider
Pink Monday
House of Orange
Little Zinger - bonus
Spanish Masquerade - bonus

Oh, I also got daylilies I bought from ebay:
Spanish Masquerade
Cloth of Glory
Velvet Rose
Eye Catcher - bonus

Today I got SDB irises I bought from ebay:
Widow's Veil - bonus
Lore - bonus
Skyray - bonus
Sea Monster - bonus
Lots of bonuses!

Enough for now! I will update more tomorrow. I'm planning/planting new garden in front.