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Monday, April 24, 2006

Finally Roses

Austin rose Lilian Austin

I came home from Tennessee trip to some of my roses blooming. There's nothing quite as beautiful as a rose. Although, the irises I planted last year are making me flower happy too.

I worked in front/garage/needsabettername garden for about an hour and half this morning (Maybe I'll call it Garden of Good and Evil, since I have that statue there. I used to call it the Fairy Garden. I obsess about such things.). I thought I'd get some stuff moved and planted, but I spent all that time weeding and digging up wild violets that are trying to take over.

Here's a list of what I need to do in that garden:

1. Move some of orange lilies to back.
2. Move tiger lilies closer to front.
3. Divide and spread bigger daylilies.
4. Move columbine plants that are now under peony.
5. Move some of back irises to middle.
6. Dig up dead rhododendrons at foundation. Replace with? Either boxwood (boring, I know, but makes good backdrop for flowers) or some type of dwarf hollies.
7. Plant Endless Summer hydrangea in left corner.
8. Transplant some lamb's ear to left side.
9. Transplant some toad lily to left side.
10. Plant Angelonia either here or Roadside Garden.
11. Tie up pillar rose.
12. Plant roses: Marianne and Paul Crampell.
13. Dig up two roses on left that didn't make it.

I think that's it for now. And that's just in that one garden! I haven't even started on the back ones yet. Also I have lots to do in Secret Garden. I'll make list for that later.

Another shot of Lilian Austin

Austin rose Tamora

The ever elusive yellow noisette Marechal Niel.
It's gotten so huge.


My little Roadside Garden. This is a new tiny garden area I made last year. Not a lot blooming here yet. The two roses I planted, Comtesse du Cayla and Leonie Lamesch are starting to bloom. There are both still very small though. This beautiful iris below from Zebra Iris is in this small garden bed. I think it may be Bewilderbeast. I will look back at my notes to make sure.

Another one from Zebra Iris. I will check notes for name. Verified name: 'Alpha Gnu'.


Clematis Will Goodwin in Secret/Bird Garden.