You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Phyllis Bide and Other Stuff

I received my Wayside order and got most of it planted. I planted the Rozanne geraniums in the Roadside Garden; the Orion geraniums and the blue malvas in the Fairy Garden; and the epimedium pubigerum, which is supposed to do well in dry shade, in the Under-the-Riverbirch Shade Garden (which I'm renaming the Dot Garden after my mother). Oh and I sprinkled some foxglove seeds in the shade garden too. They are so tiny! We'll see what happens with them.

I also planted one of the Vintage roses, Mme. Charles, in the back of the fairy garden.

I have to get my tomatoes planted today! I need to find a bag of lime in the garage. My daddy always told me to throw a handful of lime in a tomato plant hole. I also hope I have some compost.

I need to make a trip to garden center for a couple bags of mulch for fairy garden. Baby weeds are starting to sprout again like crazy along the border. I need to mulch that area to keep them at bay. I also want to get some kind of garden tool oil. I'm ashamed to say I have two pairs of rusty Felco pruners. I need to steel wool and oil them. I want to look for my favorite annual, angelonia, too. I'm going to plant lots of those this year. They're so beautiful and will bloom forever.

Here is the wonderful polyantha Phyllis Bide in my overgrown (I need to get to work on it!) Secret Garden. I think I planted this two years ago. I fell in love with it from a photo in the beautiful book Landscaping with Roses by Jeff Cox. I just love its raggedy goodness!