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Friday, September 5, 2008

Chicken Fever

I am so in love with my chickens!

Lucinda, Magloria, Arlene, Clementine, Frida, AmieRuth

I read some Faulkner to them, but Frida obviously wasn't impressed! Maybe it was just the yucky Oprah sticker on my book.

Lucinda is my sweet girl.

AmieRuth's namesake and Godchicken. Isn't she beautiful?

Steppin' out!


CatHerder said...

Very cool Karenleigh! I LOVE blogger. Due to lack of privacy, though, i do all my "venting" on the locked LJ :-) I cross post the regular stuff. I do love blogger though! I will put you on my links. SalemsMom/CatHerder