You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

To Do List

Roses to move:

Perle d'Or
Irene Watts
Rosette Delizy
Bouquet d'Or (have no idea where to put this one)
Franziska Kruger - decided to leave in bird garden and see how it does

Find rose markers and make new ones.

Dig up big, yellow iris and divide.

I really need to divide some daylilies, but I so don't feel like doing it. Maybe later on.

Dig up reblooming purple iris from under holly and move.

Buy compost and Wilt-Pruf.

Dig up mini iris from Chuck and replant not as deep (no bloom).

Plant blue pea vine seeds!

Dig up Golden Thread and junipers from roadside garden.

Plant in roadside garden (carry over color theme from front garden):

Comtesse du Cayla
Yellow Daylily (Happy Returns - something like that)
Purple reblooming iris
Yellow iris
Bulbs - maybe tulips, grape hyacinth
May Night salvia


Hidcote lavender
Other 2 lavenders (forget name)
Spanish lavender
Arborvitae fern (maybe wait until waterfall is finished)
Penstemon(?) in bird garden

Clean up little yellow roses in front and feed.

Pin down some lavender stems with hairpins for propagation.

Feed all roses.

Farmhouse Gardeners:

More stone wall for bird garden. (waiting for order to come in)
Maybe buy another Abe Darby? (sold out)

Spray bermuda grass.

Talk Pat into cutting down maple tree in front. Ha! Could plant another river birch in its place! This is very good idea! Really!