You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Where To Begin?

I guess I'll just jump in where I am and go back to fill in the blanks later.

I got just a few things planted this morning: The 3 angelonia plants I bought at Farmhouse Gardeners (my favorite annual), the catnip Nick wanted for the cats, and a lemon creeping thyme. I am using creeping thymes as groundcover between roses and perennials on pond hill. I love the way the lemon one smells. Both cats laid down beside the catnip as soon as I planted it! It was cute.

I need to look up the size of my leftover roses and the ones I ordered, and decide where I'm going to plant them all. I have about half figured out, I think. I'm thinking of putting Sombreuil against the house in the back. I can't decide about that.

I definitely need more blue on the hill gardens. Too many pinks and pastels from the roses. They need something to set them off. Maybe I'll check Home Depot or Lowes tomorrow for salvia. Salvia 'May Night' seems very hardy and is good color.

I need to feed all roses and deadhead. I could spend all day deadheading and still not be finished. Mostly I just try to do it as I walk by a rose.