You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I love lots of other flowers besides roses. Another is daylilies. My grandmother was a daylily gardener. She did hybridizing even. It was her love. I have some of her daylilies. Also my friend Tim used to grow hundreds to sell. I have some of his too. And some that I've bought myself. I love having plants from people I love. It makes them so special. I wish I had all my daylilies identified. I may work on that.

I gardened for about an hour this morning. Daniel helped me dig up the Austin rose Heritage. I'm tired of its blackspot. I'm going to replace with Duchesse de Brabant. I also gave my Fairy tree a big haircut. It hasn't been looking much like a standard lately, more like Cousin It. Then I moved the daylily Barbara Mitchell fromm the too shady end of driveway to the other side of pond area in front of tea roses I recently planted. I stayed out about an hour. Already hot and humid here. That's all I can do until maybe tonight.

Yesterday I went crazy again with the rose ordering. More on that later.