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Sunday, April 24, 2011

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

I know it sounds crazy, but I miss my Clementine so much! She was really my pet. The minute I opened the back door, she came running, with the other girls following. She was the sweetest girl ever.

So what could help me get over my heartache? Only one thing that I could think of: baby chicks!

So I did it. I just ordered four chicks (the minimum order for my area) from My Pet Chicken. They're not scheduled to be here until August 8, so it will give me something to look forward to during the long summer.

Here's what I'm hopefully getting:

White Cochin

Partridge Plymouth Rock

Blue Cochin

Easter Egger



Sparroweye said...

Oh, I want baby chicks so much. Now. I hate waiting like this. Sorry about your Clementine. I would hate losing my pet chicken. Your garden looks like the ones I saw all over Norwich England. Your roses, just unbelievable. Who cares about woods? Your garden is the bomb.