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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I didn't get anything done outside today, except taking a few photos. I think I'm still recovering from all the work to have Easter here. Tomorrow I must get back to it!

I did order some stuff from Hirt's Gardens. This is my first time buying from them. I did see they have some negative reviews. Well, we'll see.

What I bought:

Strawberry Foxglove - Digitalis mertonensis
Old German tomato plants
Samurai Toad Lily - Tricyrtis
Kuchibeni Chinese Hardy Orchid - Bletilla
Hen and Chicks - Semperviven

I brought this statue from my mother's garden to mine. She loved my white Siberian irises, so this seemed like the perfect place. I'm thinking of painting this.

The gorgeous 'Clementina Carbonieri'

Clementina closeup

'Belle of Woking' clematis

Happy Hens