You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


David Austin's 'Tamora'

I've been working in my Secret Garden/Bird Garden the past couple days. I couldn't decide whether or not to get rid of Tamora with all her blackspot but decided to clean her up, spray her, feed her, and give her another chance. Such beautiful blooms!

Today I groomed (my word for deadheading and light pruning) Teasing Georgia and Lilian Austin in Bird Garden and fed T.G., Mlle. Franziska Kruger and Molineux before I ran out of food. Need more RoseTone! I also planted a pink penstemon there and clematis H.F. Young to climb with T.G.

I dug up Abraham Darby. He was such a mess. I did save some cuttings to try to root. Pat moved 4x4 post (with bird house on top) to that spot, and I planted Phyllis Bide there. I'll have to take a photo. I also want to plant a clematis there. Maybe Princess Alexandra (Wayside). I left Basye's Purple beside that area, but I think its time is limited. I'm thinking of planting something big and pink there. Maybe a once bloomer. That area is in some shade. There are a ton of irises there that I need to divide. I think they're the reblooming purple ones, but some are planted too deep and not blooming. I will probably take most of them out and maybe plant some other colors there. I also want to plant some daylilies there. May go to local daylily sale next weekend for new varieties.

Oh, I also had Pat trim up the Birch tree in Bird Garden to give the roses there more sun (Teasing Georgia, Mlle. Franziska Kruger, Molineux, Lilian Austin, Lovely Fairy).

One of my anniversary presents was a set of garden lights! They're so beautiful. Pat surprised me with them and already set them up in Secret Garden. Can't wait to see them tonight!