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Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Fish

We went to Marsha's Koi today. It's such a pretty place. It's at Marsha and her family's home way out in the country, about 45 minutes from here. Along with koi, they also sell chickens.

I fell in love with their dog. Someone said his name is Fisher, but I always have to give everything my own name (I don't know why that is). He looked like an Oreo to me, with lots of middle, so I named him Double Stuff. I wanted to bring him home with me. I miss him!

"We thought you was a toad!"

They have several ponds. This is the one in their front yard. So pretty.

These tadpoles were giant!

Big pond in back.

I really love this black and yellow koi: a Ki Utsuri (I think. I have a hard time distinguishing between Utsuri and Bekko.).

Back at home, here are my two new fish:

After I said I had learned my lesson, I named this one again after my mother, Dottie II. It's not as dark blue as the first Dottie, but I had to have another similar one. I know I'll always think it's not as pretty as the original. Oh well.

Modigliani II. I think the snake ate the first Modigliani. I have a thing for sequels.

A beautiful waterlily in my pond.

Foxgloves in the Garden of Good and Evil. I so love foxgloves. They really do look like fairy flowers.

The girls have new ankle bracelets. Everyone has a different color for quick identification. Here is Clementine in lovely blue. She is my favorite, but don't tell the others!
An artistic shot. Ha.

Henderson impersonating a gargoyle, guarding the gardens from all evil spirits.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I love those big water garden places. Your new koi are very pretty. I hope the heron don't find them. I've only seen a heron once in our pond. Usually it's the raccoons that make the mess.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Garden with water theme is so lovely and relaxing.... Seeing kois flexing their way through in the pond is 100% soothing.... I love this water garden! ~ bangchik

FlowerLady said...

Beautiful koi, and lovely blooms. Foxgloves are such pretty flowers. I enjoy seeing them grow in others' gardens. Your gardens are really lovely and peaceful. Love the pictures of your critters also.

Enjoy and have a lovely day today.


karenleigh said...

Catherine, I'm not sure why the raccoons have left our pond alone, but I'm really glad they have. The ugly decoy we put out seems to be keeping the heron away, knock on wood!

Bangchik and Kakdah, my koi pond is definitely my favorite part of the garden! It really is so relaxing.

Thank you, Flowerlady! Foxgloves have always been one of my favorites.

CatHerder said...

Beautiful pics. We no longer have koi in our pond, the hawks and raccoons come for sushi....LOVE the chix pix....ahhh someday!

karenleigh said...

Thank you, CatHerder! I love my koi so much. So far, the ugly heron decoy is doing the trick. Keeping my fingers crossed.