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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rainy Day Lists

I haven't done any rain gardening today. I may go out later to feed the roses. I for sure am going to work on my plant labels/markers. I am finally getting my roses straightened out, and I don't want to forget any again. I still have good intentions of making garden maps.

I placed orders for roses and daylilies in the last week. I can't wait to get them all. I've planned in my head where some of them are going.

List ordered from Roses Unlimited:

Mrs. B.R. Cant
Duchesse de Brabant
Buff Beauty

List ordered from Antique Rose Emporium:

Jaune Desprez
Celine Forestier
Reine des Violettes

List of additional roses I wish I had ordered:

Clementina Carbonieri
Cl. Cecile Brunner

List of daylilies ordered from Daylily and Hosta Gardens:

'Cherry Chapeau'

'Court Magician'

'Emperor Butterfly'

'Irving Shulman'

'Madge Cayse'

'Pumpkin Kid'

'Royal Saracen'

'Ruffle Doubled Frills'

(daylily photos from Daylily and Hosta Gardens)

List of garden wishes and dreams:

Ruins garden with crumbling wall, statuary, "black" flowers
Rose tunnel
Border and walkway around perimeter of back yard
Night/white garden

List of pretty, blooming things yesterday and today:

'Lady Emma Hamilton'

My first rose love 'Pat Austin'. I find its nodding habit sweet.



Peony 'Maxima'. One of my oldest garden plants.

Can you tell I'm a bit obsessed with this arch and 'E. Veyrat Hermanos'?

'Teasing Georgia'

'Perle d'Or'


'Rosette Delizy'


DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Your daylilies are beautiful! I hear they are good to eat too. Great idea with making lists on rainy days- you would think I'd think of that being from Portland, OR! No I just look out the window and mope, and then do housework that never gets done when I'm outside :)

karenleigh said...

Tessa, doing housework when it's raining is exactly what I SHOULD be doing! I know just what you mean about it never getting done during gardening season.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Your roses are beautiful. I enjoyed reading through your blog and seeing all of your pretty garden pictures. I have a small pond so I look forward to seeing more of your koi pond.

karenleigh said...

Catherine, thank you! Oh, my pond...I love my pond so much. It really is my favorite part of the garden. After having the waterfall/filter off for so long, the water is still such a mess. It's embarrassing how green and murky it is. I so hope to have it clear soon. Then I'll be posting lots of photos.