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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Planting Again

After all the rain, I finally got to start planting again today. The ground still could have been a bit drier, but I just couldn't wait any longer. I am overwhelmed with all I have to plant and everything that needs to be done. That happens to me every year though. I'm just trying to take it one area at a time.

So today I moved a rose 'Irene Watts' out from under the giant rose 'Martine Guillot'. I planted it on Flower Girl Hill. I also planted one of my new daylilies 'Madge Cayse' there. And I finally got the rest of my vegetables planted there: Four tomatoes, squash, cucumber and lemon basil. I still haven't finished degrassing that garden. That bermuda grass is enough to put me off gardening. I don't want to spray anything there, since I'm growing food. Plus I don't want to spray where chickens go. Let's face it, I just don't like to spray anything. So I guess I'll be digging it out for the rest of my life.

I cannot WAIT to have tomatoes!

This rose, clematis and foxgloves looked so pretty together this morning.

I think 'Fair Bianca' has the most beautiful bud of any rose.

'The Bride' has a beautiful form. It's just a tiny little plant though. I'm going to really baby it this year. It's on Flower Girl Hill and was being smothered by 'Perle d'Or.' I uncovered it today.

'Triomphe de Luxembourg' looks almost like tissue paper. I love it. It amazes me how many different flower forms roses have.

'Lady Emma Hamilton' is that color blend that I love so much. This one is coming close to stealing my 'Pat Austin' love!


FlowerLady said...

Good morning Karen ~ It sounds and looks like you've been busy. Glad the rains let up some for you. We may get some. Let's hope so.

I love your roses all mixed in with other flowers. Your gardens are lovely and inspiring as always.

Have a great weekend.


Aaron Milano said...

Beautiful garden and beautiful blog. I'm very happy to have come across this today.

I'm going to share this site with

Have a great weekend,


Felicia said...


karenleigh said...

Thank you, all!

Aaron, how cool! I'll be perusing that site for sure.