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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back Home

The trip to Chattanooga was wonderful, but I was glad to get back home to my gardens and animals. It rained again Sunday and yesterday though, so it's too wet to plant again. It's extremely frustrating. Since I can't plant, I buy! My pot garden keeps expanding. I need some drier ground!
Yes, I broke down/gave in and bought Knockout roses. I read something that said think of Knockout roses as blooming shrubs instead of traditional roses. That works for me. I have a space on the left front of my house, in front of a row of arborvitae trees where I'm planting them. There is already a row of 'Happy Returns' daylilies there. I think it will look pretty from the road.

I bought a few vegetable plants yesterday: Tomatoes (Better Boy, which my father always planted, and grape tomatoes. I wanted Sweet 100s but didn't find them.); bell peppers; banana peppers; yellow squash; sweet basil (an herb, I know). I also want eggplants but didn't find them either. I'll have to look elsewhere. I'm going to plant my vegetables on my Flower Girl hill this year. I really want a traditional potager with raised beds. Maybe next year.

'Lady Banks' rose is blooming. It grows in the River Birch and makes it look like the tree is blooming.

This doesn't look like much, but it's an azalea that someone sent when my niece Tracy died in February. I planted it in the Angel Garden (shade garden under River Birch).

Wisteria on the back deck. Wisteria runs rampant, like blooming kudzu, but I love it. Need to keep on top of it better though. There are vines everywhere. The second photo is the pergola overhead. I want to weave little fairy lights through it on this.

The view of Flower Girl Hill from the deck (looking to the right). The pond is just beyond. I can't wait until all those roses bloom.

The view straight out from the deck of backyard. I really want a brick path around the perimeter of backyard, with a border of all kinds of shrubs and big roses and evergreens. To the left of this, the yard slopes up to the sideyard, which is my Secret Garden area. We still need to put steps down from there to backyard. Somewhere along this route, I'd love a long rose tunnel.

I have so many plans! That's the fun of gardening.

p.s. I found the angel face! Well, most of it. Now to find glue...


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

I have several knock out roses and love them for the all summer color even though they have no fragrance.
Your wisteria is just gorgeous and I wish mine would bloom.You are getting quite the collection of potted plants :-)

CatHerder said...

omg your wisteria is amazing! I planted a bush two years ago, it did nothing till now..all of a sudden its growing and leaves or flowers yet though...i cant wait

karenleigh said...

Hocking Hills Gardener, I am really excited about having a row of Knockouts in front. I think they'll look great with the yellow daylilies. I kind of wanted the blush or pink Knockouts, but all they had was the original darker pink. I think they will stand out more from a distance though, actually. I have a whole garden of potted plants! I thought about just leaving them grouped there and call them my container garden. Ha.

CatHerder, Once wisteria gets started, there's no stopping it! The third year is when things really get to growing.