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Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Love the Smell of Wisteria in the Morning

It's already in the high 80s this weekend. I'm not ready for the heat! I want more low 70s spring weather. In spite of the heat, I got a lot of stuff planted. My "pot ghetto" has been greatly downsized.

In the front garden/Good and Evil Garden, I planted Baptista australis 'Purple Smoke' (3) (I've wanted baptista for years but never got around to ordering it. I found this at Lowes. You just never know), Digitalis obscura 'Sunset' (3), Digitalis purpurea 'Apricot Beauty' (3), Digitalis purpurea 'Hyacinth Hybrids' (3) (Yes, I love foxgloves. I think they're the perfect cottage garden flowers), Campanula 'Kent Belle' (3), and Paeonia 'Bartzella' (Leftover from last year).
I really want to fill up every inch of this garden and have a true cottage garden effect.

In the roadside/St. Francis Garden, I planted Echinacea 'Summer Sky' and moved a Stargazer lily here from the Pond Hill. Also, moved the bigger St. Francis statue of my mother's to this garden (I had a small one but it got hidden by daylilies). I need to take a photo of it now.

I planted the six Knockout roses on the left side of gate to the Secret Garden. They are behind a row of 'Happy Returns' daylilies. I'm thinking of getting some tall purple irises to plant behind the daylilies, in front of the roses. I think this is really going to look good.

I planted two eggplants in half barrels on the back steps. I still haven't finished digging up the grass on Flower Girl Hill to plant rest of vegetables but almost! I love the way flowers and vegetables look planted together. I want to do more of this.

Pat brought home this table and chairs. This is at the end of my driveway. I am trying to create a sort of courtyard look here. To the right is a row of arborvitaes, about halfway up driveway. To the left is the shade garden/Angel Garden under the River Birch. I desperately need some big, beautiful art/scuplture/something on this fence panel.
A row of Autumn Fern (Dryopteris erythrosora) planted in front of same fence panel. I'm thinking of adding white impatiens here.

Oh, I also finished planting Angel Garden. I like this patchwork look here. And the angel had facial reconstructive surgery! She got her face back! Well, most of it anyway.

What's blooming now:

'Belle of Woking' Clematis



'Marie Pavie'

'Mons. Tillier'

'Leonie Lamesch'

'Cramoisi Superior'



'Little Showoff'

Unknown passalong

'Good and True'




Clementine, my faithful gardening companion


Princess ZelZel!


Urban Cottager said...

Gorgeous! I love your gardening photos so much. I too am trying to convert our tiny little lot into a cottage garden to hide all of the uglies which come with living in the city. You are fortunate to have so much room! :)

karenleigh said...

Thank you so much. Sometimes I think it would be more fun and definitely easier with a smaller space. I can't wait to see what you do with yours!