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Monday, April 6, 2009

First Iris

My first iris is blooming. I can't identify it now, but I'm going to check notes and figure out what it is. It's really beautiful.

Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra. Sidebar: I read a rant about the evils of writing about plants using their common names, instead of proper Latin ones, and now I'm all nervous about it. I go back and forth in real life.) are one (are one?) of my favorite flowers. I love their delicacy. This is in my shade garden, under a River Birch. I have lots of new stuff to plant there. Its official name is Dot's Garden, after my mother, aka The Angel Garden. I have a real problem with garden names.

Rose arch with 'E. Veyrath Hermanos'. I can't wait until this blooms. This leads into my Secret Garden, which is a huge mess at the moment.

My front garden aka Garden of Good and Evil (Previously know as The Fairy Garden. See what I mean about the name problem?!). I want need this to be FULL.

Today's gardening consisted of weeding (which includes cutting dead crap out of roses) on the Pond Hill. The chickens and I got about a third of it done. Clementine, especially, is my faithful garden companion.

Watch out for hose hell!


Laura Z said...

I have irises that come back every year and I'm always pleasantly surprised to see them.
Don't worry about the latin names so much, I still picked you on Blotanical!