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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dogwood Winter?

Wintertime is back! I can't believe how cold it is. I went outside to check on things, and my hands froze. Tonight is going to be even colder. I'll have to move some stuff into the garage, and I guess I should cover up my irises with buds.

I don't plant many annuals, but I do love Angelonia (Angelonia angustifolia).

Photo from 2007 garden.
I usually buy violet/blue, but pink is beautiful too. I just love the form of this flower.

I also bought a few African daisies (Oesteosermum) Saturday. I needed some round flowers in my roadside/St. Francis garden (the names!).

Photo from this morning. Thank goodness I followed the rule about not planting annuals until April 15! I'll have to move these (still in pots) to the garage tonight.

I went to Farmhouse Gardeners's open house Saturday. Even though I didn't buy much, I just love to wander around that place. It's so beautiful. I did get a few things:

Hosta 'Brim Cup' (for under the River birch shade garden/Dot's Garden/Angel Garden)

Miscanthus s.'Variegatus' (for Pond Hill)

Heuchera brizoides 'Bressingham Mix' (for shade garden)

Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum 'Daruma' (for Pond Hill)

(I'm trying really hard with the Latin-esque thing!)

Here's my little shade area:

I have several things ordered to plant here also. Notice the concrete angel (Concrete Angel would make a great song title. I'll have to work on that.). My mother's beloved angel. I moved it into my garden from hers, and look what happened to it at my house.

Look even closer!

My guilt is huge about this. It did break off in (mostly) one chunk though, and I'm going to try to glue her face back on! Ha. How sad.

Here's your daily moment of chicken:

Oh, and we're on The Unimpressed Chicken! Yay!


CatHerder said...

Yeah, cold in jersey today looking at my empty yard, and DYING to drag out the summer furniture and put the top on the tent..i just know as soon as i do we will have another ice storm and destroy the frame like we did two years hyacinths bloomed, and all the tulips pushed through but no flowers...weird thing is our crocuses and daffodils arent up yet..whats up with that?? Our iris's are getting tall, no blooms though garlic is sprouting..but it still looks so bare to me......thanks for the chicken fix...

karenleigh said...

I'm hoping tonight is our last trace of cold weather.